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Tanker til Frankrig

Tanker til Frankrig


Tanker til Frankrig
På baggrund af den tragiske terrorhandling i aftes i Paris sender de danske spejdere vores medfølelse og tanker i et brev til de franske spejderorganisationer.
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Peter Tranevig
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Dear Friends in Guiding and Scouting of France,

The Danish Guide and Scout Associations offer our condolences to the victims of last night’s attacks in Paris.  We are appalled by the actions and stand with you as sister guide and brother scout in these hard times.

Guiding and Scouting are peace-movements, fighting for a better and secure future, lead by the next generation of brave, empathetic and visionary youngsters. As we are a part of the same movement, we share a common commitment to strengthening understanding and cooperation between different peoples and cultures: regardless of heritage, race, gender or beliefs. Our basic premise is to leave the world a little better, than we found it.

It is from this perspective that your struggle, including yesterday’s attacks and tomorrows’ hard and long road to recovery, becomes our struggle too. We are Messengers of Peace.

We wish to express our deepest sympathy and our determination to assist you, in whatever regard, we might be of service.

Sincerely, yours in scouting and guiding


The Danish Guide and Scout Associations


Fie Bjerre & David Hansen

Presidents, Chief Guide & Scout

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